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Solo Perché



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Since the middle of the eighteenth century, Varese has been known for its aristocratic residences as well as luxury villas and hotels. The new art nouveau style attracted and impressed the most fashionable of them all.  Established as a vacation mecca, Varese became symbolic of a flourishing society.

Embark on an exquisite journey traversing diverse landscapes alongside your distinguished Varese bag. Meticulously crafted for the astute connoisseur of fashion and travel, the Varese seamlessly combines elegance with functionality. Adaptable to the discerning preferences of the sophisticated traveler, this versatile bag effortlessly graces your shoulder, while its straps elegantly transform into a backpack, ensuring comfort during leisurely explorations through uncharted alleyways and bountiful local markets. Relish the freedom of unburdened shoulders and exude the unyielding confidence of a woman of strength and style, complemented by the allure of your resplendent new purse, backpack, or shoulder bag.

Dimensions: 10" X 11” X 3”

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