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si lucia


On a spring evening at a tiny trattoria high in the Dolomites, a curios waiter kept questioning while pointing back and forth....”Your Mama??”

“Si my Mama”

His smile continued to get bigger. “Si your Mama!!”

“Si my Mama….Si Lucia”

As he walked away, I found myself giggling. “Si Lucia” How appropriate! “Yes Mom!!”

I looked across the table and saw the first light in my mother’s eyes since my father’s death four months prior. I grew up with Ozzie and Harriet and without Ozzie, Harriet now needed something. That something presented itself earlier that day in the form of several decorative ceramic factories we stumbled upon. After introductions, and once again, “Your Mama??”, we were given tours, tutorials on processes, price lists and the most sincere and genuine wishes to build partnerships.

“You want to do it, don’t you? Before you answer, please really think about this Mom. You are a retired nurse and I’m a burnt out wedding photographer. What do we know about retail?”

“We’ll figure it out! We both need this. Yes, I want to do it!!"

With a deep breath I mumbled the two words which would very soon change our lives dramatically: “Si Lucia.”

In April of 2019, Si Lucia will celebrate its 26th Anniversary. From retail to wholesale and from everything Italian to exclusively the finest papier mache masks in the world…what a ride it has been!! Lucia has just celebrated her 97th birthday and is enjoying her retirement at an assisted living complex. Other than a few bruises from those annoying “bumps in the road,” I am still…with the help of great friends…going strong.

As the sister company of Solo Perché / Just B-Cause, we at Si Lucia congratulate all involved in the launch of this new company and commit to you our total and complete support.




March 2, 2017

I met Chris Eagan while working as Director of Community Relations for an assisted living and memory care community in Middletown, RI. A large and important part of my job is to hold events that engage our residents and local community in a meaningful way while raising awareness and much needed dollars for causes that affect seniors.

Each year Blenheim holds an event called Blenheim and the Arts. This event spotlights the life work of renowned local seniors whose contribution to arts have made the world a better place for all. In 2016, we recognized the life work of a local painter with percentage from the sale of paintings going to the Alzheimer’s Association. To make the event more memorable and to raise more money for this important cause, we looked to Chris Eagan and Just Because.

Chris set up a beautiful display of eye-catching leather handbags available for sale to the over 130 attendees at our artist’s reception. She displayed tasteful signage that let attendees know that a substantial percentage of profits from sales would go to the Alzheimer’s Association. The addition of the shopping experience was a hit in every way! Attendees enjoyed shopping for a one-of-a-kind product within the backdrop of an important local cultural event. As for Blenheim, we were able to strengthen our relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association through a generous donation made on our behalf. A win-win for everyone.

I would highly recommend Chris and Just Because to event managers for any cause related event to extend a positive experience while doing the world a little good.


Helen Hames

Director of Community Relations