Clinging to a rugged coastline, Vernazzo is a quaint village long cut off from the modern world. Pebbled coves are littered with scenes of a community that lives off the sea, and travelers who love the views. Locals fill the benches while tourists sunbathe on rocks. 

Our Vernazzo backpack has adjustable thin back straps that brings out the best in any outfit. Going to the club or the beach, an easily accessible outer pocket makes grabbing keys, smartphones and lipstick a breeze.  Our Vernazzo backpack expands with the every day essentials that you choose to include. Carry this bag as a tote, or pull the straps up for a extremely comfortable and functional backpack.  The sleek design makes Vernazzo a must have for any season or destination. 

Is that a purse? Or a Backpack? It's both! 

DIMENSIONS  11" X 12" X 5"

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Lamb Hide 

Can be used as a Crossbody, Purse , or Backpack

Cotton Lining

Two additional storage compartments outside of the bag